Our health care providers are not only skilled and licensed, but they are kind. The service we provide makes patient safety and dignity a priority.

We uphold the rights of each client to be treated in an environment that is free of abuse, neglect and mistreatment.

To ensure that nutritious food is available, we also provide meal preparation services.

Companionship and care is what you can count on from our helathcare providers.

01. Private Home Care

Many seniors depend on home care so they can stay independent. This can allow them to stay safe in their own home longer.

02. Community First Choice

We are certified by the State of Maryland and are eligible to accept the Maryland State Waiver.

03. RSA License

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency (RSA) by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality. LIC#R2988

We hire only responsible, dependable and qualified people; caregivers that are dedicated to serving the adult/senior population.

We understand that this may be a difficult time for you and your family. Many times our referrals come as a result of an admission to an acute care facility or long term care facility and you may have decided to take care of your family at home instead. Many long term care insurances cover this type of care and is a chance for your family to receive more attention with one on one care. Your input is very valuable to us, as you know your family the best since you’ve been with them.

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without your consent.

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Patient Information  |  Rights and Respect

Living At Home Health Services, LLC upholds the rights of each patient/client to be treated in an environment that is free of abuse, neglect and mistreatment.  A Registered Nurse is available to each family that will supervise the aides assigned to your home.  If at any time there are concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to call the office or your assigned nurse to discuss the situation.


As a patient under the care of Living at Home Health Services, LLC, you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.  We do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex, age, or national origin. You have the right to be safe in your home.  You have the right to be involved with your treatment and care unless your overall health (declining health) interferes with you making appropriate decisions for your care.  Your family and healthcare provider will then be involved with the decision making.  You have the right to privacy when you are changing your clothes, bathing or toileting, unless your physician has determined that you need assistance due to your safety.  You have the right to confidentiality and Living at Home Health Services, LLC adheres to confidentiality and HIPPA laws.

In November of 2019, Living at Home Health Services, LLC was acknowledged by the Maryland Department of Commerce for ten years of service to our community.

Advanced Directives

On the nursing assessment either prior to coming home or on the first day of service, a review of the Advance Directives, Do Not Rescusitate (DNR), and/or Power of Attorney (POA) will be discussed in order to promote continuity of care and good communication for emergency situations.  Advanced Directives are provided to the Emergency Personnel so they can determine the appropriate course of action in an emergency.  If a patient is a DNR, a copy will need to be with the emergency contact information.  A copy of this information will be placed with the Emergency 911 card which lists a copy of the medications the patient is on, primary care physician, local hospital and emergency contact person.


Medication | Safety & Security

It is recommended that all medications be placed in pill boxes for safety and security so the patient will take the medication accurately each day.  This can be monitored by the family or caregiver.  Medication boxes can be filled by the nurse each month when they visit the home to supervise the aide/caregiver.  All medications will be reviewed on first day of service as part of the nursing assessment.  At that time, the family/patient can discuss if they want the nurse to do the pill boxes and how frequently.  This fee will be reviewed with the family and the contract will reflect this.

Contract | Billing

Living at Home Health Services, LLC bills each patient/family based on their contract needs, number of hours and length of service. Our billing is normally done every two weeks to coincide with our payroll.  Each family will receive a cover letter describing their billing process, a contract stating the deposit required to retain our services (this is waived for Medicaid patients or Waiver recipients) and orientation to forms that they will be responsible for signing off on for the caregiver/aide to get paid.  Each bill will have a copy of those forms with the bill for verification so as to act as a double check system.  Each home will receive a communication book, a monthly schedule and have the ability to meet the aide(s) prior to their start day. All bills or information that requires signatures will be accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope.   Any discrepancies or problems identified with the billing can be directed to Terri Dowling, R.N.


Living at Home, Health Services, LLC

 P.O. Box 101

Crumpton, Maryland 21628.

Emergencies | Inclement Weather

Every effort is made when retained to provide services to place an aide/caregiver in your home on the hours agreed upon.  Occasionally emergencies arise and we are unable to have someone there.  Our call in policy is within two hours of the appointed time of arrival to your home (ex. Aide scheduled at 9 a.m., you would be notified by 7 a.m. if we are unable to provide the service). We do like to schedule aides in partner groups so that if one is out due to illness the other aide can cover and we like for the families to meet both aides prior to the service starting or shortly thereafter.


If there is inclement weather, we do still try to make it to our homes but sometimes with extreme snow or ice conditions we are unable to do so as it jeopardizes the safety of our aides/caregivers.  We will notify you with the same policy as above, within two hours of the appointed arrival time.


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